Customer Service Representative

Jonathan was born and raised in Washington state. Spending his youth in Boy Scouts and a number of humanitarian projects, he has always had a strong passion to work in professions that involve helping others whether that be humans or animals.

He started off his career as a veterinary assistant at Ridgetop Animal Hospital in 2015, before a brief stint at Olympic college. Shortly thereafter, Jonathan became a Certified Nursing Assistant and worked in both transitional care and assisted living care for the better part of two years. During the summer of 2020 he decided to go back to the field he started in which is where he found Brookside. Jonathan plans on pursuing further education and continuing in health care due to his love for helping others but is still undecided whether he will be working in human or animal healthcare due to his equal interest in both. He often likes to joke that “the likelihood of being bitten is about equal in either field from personal experience”.

Jonathan has two guinea pigs named Tiglet and Hephie, who he loves dearly despite them waking him up every night at 2:00 am. He spends his free time reading, playing video games, hiking, drawing and being notoriously sarcastic.