Beyond providing the highest quality of care for all patients, our mission is to create a safe and engaging environment to develop and retain a skilled team, which only serves to reinforce patient care. Considering the recent behavior of some and the need to care for the team, we will no longer allow these behaviors to continue. Effective immediately, a No Tolerance Policy regarding abusive behavior toward our team members will be enforced. Clients or potential clients who participate in any of the following actions/behaviors will no longer be provided services at our facility. We understand emotions often run high but being respectful to someone who just wants to help your pet is reasonable.

Prohibited behaviors include, but are not limited to:

  • Angry outbursts or yelling at any member of our team.
  • Speaking in a demeaning or rude manner to any member of our team.
  • Vulgar language in general, but specifically calling any member of our team vulgar names or telling vulgar stories or jokes.
  • Disrespect towards any team member based on physical appearance, race, or gender.
  • Insinuating that any member of our team doesn’t care about your pet or values financial gain over your pet’s health/safety. We will always offer the best quality medicine for the situation.
  • Unrealistic expectations of care despite being informed of our availability and ability to care for your pet.
  • Threatening to harm anyone, destroy property, or smear Brookside's reputation to get your way through intimidation.

We greatly value our relationship with all our clients and appreciate your continued support. The basic foundations of any relationship include mutual respect and trust. Our mission is to provide the best possible care we can for every pet we encounter and to support and develop our team in a safe and engaging environment. We appreciate your understanding and support of our mission.

Very respectfully,

Brookside Veterinary Hospital